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Atreyu124 asked : What do you think of this position ?

When masturbating sitting or lying down, men will naturally spread their legs.

  • For one thing, the pressure build-up inside our balls gives the feeling that they are bigger and need more breathing space : spreading our legs is in part a response to this feeling.
  • But the other thing is that spreading our legs gives us better access to our full length, as well as our balls and anus, thus increasing our ability to pleasure ourselves.

In this particular case, the man is also squatting backwards. This has many very nice consequences :

  • Squatting with spread legs causes muscular tensions in the abdomen and the groin. Tensing these muscles increases our perception of our sexual stimulation. We better perceive the otherwise initially subtle tensing of the abs, thighs and perineal muscles.
  • Moreover, as the hips are totally free to move, we can easily fuck our hand and finally thrust our cock as we cum, allowing us to shoot our cum powerfully and unhindered.
  • Since this position is more demanding, the muscles will also tend to become tired faster. While this may result in a faster ejaculation than you’d like too (especially if your muscular endurance isn’t very good), the muscular tiredness also increases our awareness of the orgasmic contractions.
  • This muscular tiredness also certainly increases our sexual satisfaction as it leaves us with the lingering soreness we also get after a good fuck.
  • As a side effect, if your muscular endurance isn’t very good, it also happens to be a very good exercise to increase it. So you are now totally justified to masturbate in this backward-squatting position as this is a perfect exercise to enhance your six-pack, stiffen your thighs and increase your endurance !

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Mind and Mast
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